Campaigner for Free Cancer Care Rajaa Bouziane, Passes Away. Our tributes.

Campaigner for Free Cancer Care Rajaa Bouziane, Passes Away. Our tributes.

Rajaa Bouziane, who initiated the “warrior women” campaign to demand access to medicines and treatment for cancer patients a few weeks ago, died Saturday morning.

On her Facebook account, one of her friends announced the news: “One of our warriors, Rajaa, has passed away. It was for her that this campaign was launched and we don’t want to die of cancer ourselves. We want our right to free treatment.”


لله ما اعطى ولله ما اخذ ولا يسعنا إلا أن نقول ما يرضي الله إنا لله وإنا إليه راجعون. توفيت رجاء محاربة من محاربات السرطان و بسبب حالتها اطلقنا حملتنا مابغيناش نموتو بالسرطان اعطيونا حقنا في العلاج المجاني.
ماتت رجاء تنفيذا لارادة الله ولأن الأجل المحتوم وصل لكن بسبب عدم توفير الدواء ماتت ودنبها ودنب الآلاف في عنق المسؤولين. حسبنا الله ونعم الوكيل.
رجاء انتقلت الى رحمة الله حيت لا الم ولا عداب ولا ظلم ولا خوف

Since last August, Rajaa Bouziane has faced a number of difficulties in carrying out her care on a regular basis, due to the lack of available medication necessary for her survival. This has led to the spread of the disease in her body, as previously reported by one of the active members of her campaign.

The women involved in this campaign also regretted that the deceased was unable to obtain medicines and treatment in a timely manner. In December 2019, their initiative was launched on social networks of women survivors and those undergoing treatment to show the extent to which late appointments and drug shortages affect the condition of patients in North Africa.

Condolences, prayers and thoughts of the British Algerian Association, the Algerian and the Muslim community in Manchester to the family and friends of  Rajaa Bouziane who passed away on Saturday after a long illness with cancer. Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi rajioon.


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