Vote by Proxy Presidential Elections 2019

Vote by Proxy Presidential Elections 2019

According to the provisions of the Organic Law N°19-08  dated on 14 September 2019  complementary to the organic law N° 16-10 dated on 25 August 2016 related to the electoral system, particularly the articles 54-56-57-64, the Algerian Consulate in London informs its nationals living in the United Kingdom and in the Republic of Ireland, that citizens listed below can apply for proxy to fulfill their right to vote on the upcoming presidential elections , from the 07th to the 12th December 2019:

  • Temporary or permanent patients, outpatients and disabled inmate in a hospital or at home;
  • Employers and workers who will be outside their consular district during the election days;
  • Academics and students who pursue their training outside their electoral district;
  • Citizens who are temporary abroad.

Important: The election by proxy forms may be withdrawn from the Algerian Consulate services in London or through a written request in Arabic or in English  according to this Specimen , it’s should  be authenticated by the official administrative bodies of their place of residence.

  • the mandatory must be elector
  • the mandatory must be registered

Please note that the legalization of proxies of vote will end 03 days before the beginning of  the elections .

  • The proxy forms can be withdrawn and signed at the Algerian Consulate in London

For further information, please contact us by:

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Or call : 0208 752 8065

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