War veteran Abdelkader Lamoudi Laid to rest in El-Alia cemetery

War veteran Abdelkader Lamoudi Laid to rest in El-Alia cemetery

ALGIERS- War veteran Abdelkader Lamoudi, died Monday aged 95. He was buried Tuesday after the Duhr prayer at El-Alia cemetery, in Algiers.

“What I did, I did it out of conviction and in good conscience. I never accepted to enter this system. There are people today who cause controversy, they eat each other. They bicker for interests, or for places. I never paid attention to these stories. Besides, I never gave an interview to anyone. People who know me know what I have accomplished. My conscience is calm. The rest is paltry. ”

These words are from Abdelkader Lamoudi in an interview with El Watan two years ago. The mujahid, who died on Monday at the age of 95, did not like the limelight. He withdrew from the public eye as soon as the mission for which he was engaged when very young, the independence of Algeria, was accomplished.

He nevertheless had things to tell about the history of the national movement which he joined in the early 1940s, in the Biskra region, before becoming part of the Special Organisation (SO), of the group of “22” and of course the FLN during the Liberation War.

Activist from the start, his commitment is sincere and his role is recognized and welcomed by all. “Algeria has just lost today a man of the caliber of those who have written in gold letters their achievements in the glorious history of our country (…) This elite of great men of Algeria, including Abdelkader Lamoudi, formed the blessed nucleus of the start of the epic of the War of National Liberation ”, wrote the President of the Republic in his condolences.

Born in El Oued in 1925, it was in Biskra, where he was a classmate of Larbi Ben’Mhidi, that Abdelkader Lamoudi got his start in militancy. In 1943, he created the first local PPA unit in El Oued. In 1947, he was responsible for the Special Organization (SO) for the El Oued region and southern Constantine.

The deceased, who joined the organization from its inception, operated between El Oued and Biskra, up to Aïn Touta in Batna. He was one of the activists arrested on November 1, 1954.

Incarcerated, he was released in the spring of 1955. He then returned to Algiers with the chahid Si El-Haouès, in an attempt to engage in the Liberation War. He was arrested again at the end of 1955 and incarcerated in Barbarossa prison. After his release, the deceased continued his revolutionary action in the FLN cells until independence in 1962.

His feats of arms during this period, it is the supply of several areas of the region in arms, transported from Libya or collected in the great Algerian South, by camel.

Weapons which, later, will be used to start the armed struggle in the Aurès. Facts confirmed during his lifetime by Hocine Aït Ahmed, national head of the OS, and several other activists. Lamoudi was also known as being a member of the famous group of “22”.

It was because of his penchant for armed action that his former companions invited him to take part in this meeting where the transition to armed struggle was decided. It took place in June 1954 in El Madania, in the heart of Algiers.

Lamoudi was one of the last remaining members of the “22”. With his death, only one remains: Athmane Belouizdad, brother of Mohamed Belouizdad.

Like Lamoudi, Athmane lives so far from the spotlight, almost never speaks publicly to the point where those who do not know him confuse him with his brother, and those who know him believe him dead. Discretion is also one of the qualities of this elite of militants who prepared behind the colonial authorities one of the greatest revolutions of the 20th century. Discretion and a sense of sacrifice.

“I would like to point out one last thing about the 22: it should be remembered that in 1992, when the system found itself in an impasse, it called upon a member of the 22, in this case the brother Mohamed Boudiaf – Allah yerrahmou – to pull Algeria out of the crisis in which it was bogged down. They went to look for him in Morocco when he was banished. This is to say that the members of the 22 have always responded present whenever Algeria needed them, “said Abdelkader Lamoudi.

One of his rare interviews, carried out in 2018, so before the popular hirak broke out, he closed it with a note of hope: “Algeria will rise again, correct its errors and move forward. There will always be brave men who love their country and there are many and Algeria will rise to the rank of great nations, inchAllah. The fight goes on. We must not despair of Algeria. Algeria has paid dearly for its independence and it will not allow anyone to touch its sovereignty. There will always be men to protect it and preserve its independence. ”

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