Young Algerians allowed to explore gold in southern Algeria

Young Algerians allowed to explore gold in southern Algeria

Towards a constitutional assistance for young people to encourage the exploitation and exploration of gold in a legal manner in southern parts of Algeria.

Indeed, the Algerian Minister of Mines Mohamed Arkab announced during his appearance on Wednesday July 15, 2020, that the formation of a cooperative will now be possible so that young specialists can operate and explore gold mines in southern Algeria. The latter will be done under good conditions, namely good organisation; legally and productively.

“These cooperatives will be done legally and will significantly reduce the diversion or illegal mining of gold; The state will also support and train these young people by providing them with the modern technology necessary for their research, “the mining minister said.

As for the wilayas eligible for exploration, that of Tamanraset through the regions of Tirak and Amasasa and that of Illisi like Djanet are perfectly exploitable; the gold taken from these research sites will be repurchased by the state.

The President of the Republic offers a geological map of rare minerals

Algerian President Abdelmadjid Teboune, said during his recent cabinet meeting; the validation of this cooperative and also proposed a geological map which will facilitate the stage of explorations of the sites. The minerals to be found are phosphate, tungsten and barite; rare minerals with which southern Algeria abounds.


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