طلب ترجمة موقع القنصلية و الإستمارات للغة الانجليزية.

هذا تعليق من أحد الأباء الجزائريين على صعوبة أولادهم الذين لا يجدون العربية أو الفرنسية ولاكن يجدون اللغة الإنجليزية فقط في ملأ الإستمارات المتعلقة لتجديد الوثائق على موقع القنصلية الجزائرية في لندن.
يقول الأب الجزائري:
البيروقراطية التي ورثناها عن فرنسا و الدليل ان القنصلية مازال تستعمل (راهي) تستعمل اللغة الفرنسية في النماذج هي التي تركتنا متخلفين قولولي بربكم إذا ذهب ولدي أو أحد من أبنائكم من مواليد بريطانيا الي القنصلية الجزائرية كيف يفهم النماذج اللغة العربية أو الفرنسية العقل يقول القنصلية الجزائرية في بريطانيا النماذج تكون باللغة العربية أو الإنجليزية . مارايكم؟

Request to translate the consulate website and the forms into English.

This is a comment from one of the Algerian fathers on the difficulty of their children who do not understand Arabic or French but only English language in filling out the forms related to renewing documents on the website of the Algerian consulate in London.  The Algerian father says:

“The bureaucracy that we inherited from France, and the evidence is that the consulate is still using the French language in the forms that left us behind saying if your son or one of your children went from Britain to the Algerian consulate in London, how do they understand the Arabic or French online forms? The logic says the forms on Algerian consulate website in Britain should be In Arabic or English”.

We would like to know what you think about this request?

The British Algerian Association approves the suggestion and we would like to send this request to our consulate, praying to Allah praise and glory to Him that our respected new consul and its staff to translate the website site especially when it comes to the downloadable forms for documents renewal such as passport, consulate registration, identity card etc… which will be greatly appreciated by the Algerian community and non Algerian citizens who would like to visit Algeria for tourism.

The Algerian British Association will be prepared to translate the forms as soon as possible and help those people who need help with filling in the form(s) in case of emergency.

The forms which need translation to English are as follows:

  1. Biometric Passport and National Identity Card
  2. Birth and Marriage Certificates Declaration
  3. Fiche de renseigment
  4. Declaration sur l’honneur – (Sworn Statement)
  5. Inventaire de demenagement – (Relocation to Algeria)
  6. Authorisation patenelle – (Paternal Authorisation)
  7. Procuration – (Procuration)
  8. Ressortissant non inscrit – (Not Registered National)
  9. Témoignage d’identification – (Testimony of Identification)

The downloadable forms can be accessed through this link below:


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